Block, stock, and barrel

About Block, stock, and barrel

About Block, stock, and barrel

Yes yes, yet another podcast for the self-declared blockchain enthusiast.

In a field as mercurial as blockchain, we've found that the best way to learn is to leech off the experience of others. Some call this standing on the shoulders of giants, but baby giants, given the nascency of the field. Block, stock, and barrel was started to serve as a medium for consolidating the conversations and insights we have been fortunate of having with those who have been here a little bit longer than the rest.

Join our host Ashlie Chin as she interviews some of the most unnecessarily forward-thinking builders in blockchain on their personal experiences since their first ever node sync. Listen to open and honest conversations on real-life implementation successes and failures, DApp development tips, and their take on the future of DLT and DApps.

If you are looking to have a blockchain-related opinion to steal or pass off as your own, this podcast is for you.

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